Junior Cricket - Boys & Girls 3 of 12

3. Play-Cricket sign-up process - Summer 2024

Once a child is registered on Pitchero, parents will also need to sign-up for Play Cricket.

We will using Play-Cricket to score all the games during the season in real-time, and it is important that your child is registered on Play-Cricket or else their names will be missing from the score cards.

Children U16 will not have their own login, so the parent will first have to create their own account, and then link their child’s record to their account.

Play Cricket Sign-up process -

Adding a child to a parent account

**This is only for new parents/colts who are joining the club for 2024 season or existing parents/colts who don't have a Play-Cricket account. If you/ or your child already have accounts, then no action is required.